A new palace museum to be constructed near Old Summer Palace

On October 23, 2016 International Tourism Internet Conference raised its curtain in Hangzhou. Mr. Jixiang Chan, director of Chinese national Palace Museum, revealed in the conference that the collection on display in Palace Museum is less than one percent every year. A new museum is planned to be constructed in the north of Beijing, so

“Heaven’s Door” appears in Chongqing

In Chongqing, at the top of one house stands a giant golden door. It sticks out from other buildings and is called jokingly by the passengers there “Heaven’s Door”. The golden door locates on the top of house, about 8 meters high, only with a door frame. The mysterious half-open door has attracted lots of

Guangzhou 17-year-old girl injecting hormones to sell ova

Now in many rural areas in the city are pasted a lot of small ads. One of those are called “ova donation”, which is actually illegal business and cannot earn much but harm a person’s life. In Guangzhou, 17-year-old girl Miss Chen got injection and ova taken in different clinics. She had received hormone injections

Sleeping competition held in Harbin

On October 2 and 3, in Middle East Railway Park was held Harbin sleeping competition, which refreshes people’s understanding of “sleeping god”. The rule is to lie on the deck chair and sleep from 9 AM to 7 PM and whoever lies for the longest will win the competition. Checking mobile, listening to the radio,

College student got on fire in BBQ and jumped into the river

About 7 PM yesterday evening, over 20 Hebei students from Ningbo University was holding a barbecue party in the university platform by a river. By accident the alcohol used for BBQ ignited 20-year-old Mr. Lei’s clothes, the flame burning up immediately, since he could not take off the clothes directly, Mr. Lei jumped from the

Crab king and queen auctioned for $31,476 in Wuhan

Yesterday, Jiangxia Gourmet (Crab) Culture Tourism Festival raised its curtain in Wuhan Jiangxia District of Hubei province. The event will last till October 3. The event organizer prepared for citizen the special food fair, Jiangxia featured tourist commodities fair and crab trade fair, where in front of the booths of Jiangxia’s little fish balls, Liangzi

8 street snacks for only $15 in Hangzhou Wushan Food Market

Coming to Hangzhou, you cannot miss out the street snacks in Wushan Food Market. The food is tasty here and your wallet is “safe”! With only $15 you can try almost every popular food items in the whole street. 1. Stuffed Chicken Wing Price level: $2.3 Ratings: ★★★☆☆ At the entrance of the night market,

Sicong Wang’s food ingredients are all imported

Recently, Sicong Wang (Sephirex Wang) – Wanda Group managing director and China’s richest man Jianlin Wang’s only son – joined his self-produced TV program “Hello! Goddess”. He made one delicious seafood meal in the program, where by the way he also flaunted his high living quality to the audience. He said, “Even my noodles are

Chinese couple shooting SM photos in the scenery spots

In Dalian, one Chinese couple posted a series of sexual maltreat (SM) photos on Weibo. The woman called the man “master” and the man called her “slave”. According to GPS function of Weibo, the photos were located in May Fourth Square, Huaye Oriental Rose community, mainly in the interior. There were also several pictures taken

College freshmen held death mimicry competition

On September 25, students from several colleges in Zhejiang province participated in one death mimicry competition. All sorts of funny ways of death were presented in the university. Quangeng Yao, from Zhejiang Media College, finally became the champion. At the event, participants used their rich imagination, such as death of eating too much, of tiredness