8 street snacks for only $15 in Hangzhou Wushan Food Market

Coming to Hangzhou, you cannot miss out the street snacks in Wushan Food Market. The food is tasty here and your wallet is “safe”! With only $15 you can try almost every popular food items in the whole street. 1. Stuffed Chicken Wing Price level: $2.3 Ratings: ★★★☆☆ At the entrance of the night market,

Sicong Wang’s food ingredients are all imported

Recently, Sicong Wang (Sephirex Wang) – Wanda Group managing director and China’s richest man Jianlin Wang’s only son – joined his self-produced TV program “Hello! Goddess”. He made one delicious seafood meal in the program, where by the way he also flaunted his high living quality to the audience. He said, “Even my noodles are

Chinese couple shooting SM photos in the scenery spots

In Dalian, one Chinese couple posted a series of sexual maltreat (SM) photos on Weibo. The woman called the man “master” and the man called her “slave”. According to GPS function of Weibo, the photos were located in May Fourth Square, Huaye Oriental Rose community, mainly in the interior. There were also several pictures taken

College freshmen held death mimicry competition

On September 25, students from several colleges in Zhejiang province participated in one death mimicry competition. All sorts of funny ways of death were presented in the university. Quangeng Yao, from Zhejiang Media College, finally became the champion. At the event, participants used their rich imagination, such as death of eating too much, of tiredness

Rio Olymipic medalist with “prehistorical powers” eating snakes raw in the wild

At about 5 PM on September 19, the English adventurer in “Man vs. Wild” -Bear Grylls took charter flight and landed in Hongyuan Airport. In the evening, he arrived at Ngapa County. At about 2 PM on September 20, “prehistorical powers” girl-Rio Olympic medalist-Yuanhui Fu also arrived at the airport and was held by staff

Young man’s lung like a hornet’s nest in X-ray film

One week ago, a thin young man was sent to Xi’an Chest Hospital in a hurtling ambulance. Giving a whole body checkup to the man, doctors found that his lung had rotten as a hornet’s nest in the chest X-ray film. Such illness even stunned the experienced doctors. After consulting the young man’s medical history

China’s first capsule hotel set up in Hangzhou

The first capsule hotel “Mi Yi Hui” (sleep a wink) was set up in Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The hotel occupies 309 square meters in total, with 38 beds, 10 of which are “pod” beds imported from Finland and 28 are business classes, where guests can even watch movies inside. Separate showers and toilets, as

English translation errors in Tsinghua University Art Museum

On September 15, one Chinese netizen went to the Art Museum of Tsinghua University for the special exhibition “Dialogue with Da Vinci”. During the visit, he found the English introduction of Da Vinci in the display board was showing “47 years old He leaved from Milan.” However, “leaved” refers to “leafy” in English and the

Rare “flower of death” discovered in Shaanxi, said to be evil in legend

Recently in Zhouzhidian Town of Shaanxi province was discovered one unique plant, more than 10cm tall and growing by bunch, and the whole glittering and translucent. That is Monotropa uniflora, also called “ghost grass” and “dream orchid”. In Chinese Kung Fu novels, it is often deified as the immortal grass that can bring the dying

Chinese model Lynn Xiong marrying Hong Kong billionaire Ho Chung Kwok

On September 20, Hong Kong businessman Ho Chung Kwok and Chinese popular model Dailin Xiong (Lynn), in relation for 2 years, have registered for marriage at the beginning of this month and have lived in together. Lynn’s propaganda team has authenticated the news and told that the couple is applying for scheduling and they would