A drunk woman raped a random guy in the street in Chengdu

Chengdu citizens witnessed one of the most unusual occurrences of sorts. Here is an account of an eye witness: A drunk woman, who was walking down the street, put off her inners and jumped onto a random guy who passed by. The guy offered resistance at first and succumbed eventually.

It was said that the woman lost control over her senses due to certain erotic perfume. The legal experts, however, claim that a woman raping a man is not a heinous crime.

Comments from Sina Weibo:

@Chuncuizhai: He succumbed eventually…

@ALEX: A woman can be equal to a guy.

@itclyq: I have never heard about such a “speciality” in Chengdu.

@Blue flower: The world is so big that nothing is to be surprised at.

@lance_j: Exciting! Why it didn’t happen to me?

@Ke’er: It’s so disgusting!

Zhenni Bu

Zhenni Bu

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