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  • China Construction Third Bureau First Engineering Co., Ltd. Donates 500,000 LKR to Ministry of Disaster Management of Sri Lanka



          Recently Sri Lanka has suffered constant rain pours, and it has caused the worst flood disaster for the locals in the past 14 years. Around 700,000 people were affected. On 14 Jun 2017, on behalf of China Construction Third Bureau First Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to the Company), representatives from both North Branch of the Company and AVIC Mixed-development project in Sri Lanka donated 500,000 LKR to Ministry of Disaster Management of Sri Lanka for the flood relief, and expressed sympathy and solicitude for the inflicted people in the flood area.


       Constant and heavy rain has befallen Sri Lanka recently, and has been the most severe flood disaster in the past 14 year. The rain has raised up the water level in several rivers, resulting in mudflows, landslides and floods. Many houses collapse, and over 220 death and 700,000 people affected has been reported.

       The company has undertaken AVIC Mix-development project in Colombo for more than two years, and is aware that the locals are suffering from the flood and need helps and supports from all societies. Under such circumstance, Mr Wu Peng, Assistant Generral Manager of North Branch of the Company, organized and led the project staff to the premises of Ministry of Disaster Management and handed over the donation, to support the affected people to overcome the disaster and rebuild their home.

       S. S Miyanawala, Chief Secretary of Ministry of Disaster Management, introduced the government efforts in this disaster relief and the following rebuilding works, and thanked the Company for their donation and supports for Sri Lankan people to combat against the disaster. He added that the Companys kind act showed the deep friendship between the people from Sri Lanka and China, and wished long friendship for the two nations and its people.

       Wu Peng expressed the Companys concerns and cares for Sri Lankan government and the people and supported their rebuilding works. He further introduced the Companys business in Sri Lanka, and expressed the Company’s wishes to continue to build more high-quality works for Sri Lanka - the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.Shen Yang & Xiong Xiaolin

  • The first CFG pile of Maldives has been laid


        On March 18, Maldives local time 22:20,The test pile and filling of the first CFG Cement Fly-ash Gravelof China Construction Maldives Housing project have been completed. This CFG is also the first one in the history of Maldives.

        Due to the lack of resources, it is short of materials.It often appears that the parts cannot be found all over the Maldives.Maldives is in the vicinity of the equator, with the ultraviolet strong, the scene of white sand, strong reflection, high temperature, which leads to the different extent of sunburn of our front group. In order to ensure the test pile construction to perform smoothly, the construction personnel of the first company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co. ltd are fearless of severe hot weather and the entire personnel take part in test pile construction in the whole course.

      This success of test pile laid is a symbol that pile foundation construction obtains breakthrough, the project will be the follow-up pile construction in the mix ratio, slump, piling speed , construction safety and environmental protection to provide reliable and effective data. CFG is firstly applied in Maldives foundation treatment construction, the popularization and application of this technology will provide example for the national conditions of fundamental geology complex situation and building high-rise on scarce land of Maldives sea reclamation area.



  • Chinese Ambassador in Malaysia Visiting Impression Melaka Theatre Project


        On March 11, Huang Huikang, the Chinese ambassador in Malaysia, visited and investigated Impression Melaka Theatre Project of China Construction Third Engineering Group Sdn Bhd. Mr Huang encouraged the owner Yong Tai Group and contractor China Construction to build and develop the project with high standards to create a world-class modern high-quality architectural works.


        Shi Ziming, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Malaysia accompanied Mr Huang for the visiting. Dato Boo Kuang Loon, chairman of Yong Tai Group, together with Ms Peng Li, Deputy General Manager of China Construction Third Engineering Group Sdn Bhd and Mr Zhou Liang, the project manager warmly welcomed Mr Huang and his group.


         Mr Huang said: "Here you are, in this beautiful surroundings, to continue the story of China and Malacca, where you build a great architecture to consolidate the friendship between people of the two countries. It’s quite appreciated that you’ve made outstanding contribution to the countries!

         During the visiting, Ms Peng Li introduced all our projects in Malaysia, and asked Mr Huang to help provide some support and assistance about Visa, goods importing & exporting, legal risks, safety training, etc. for us.

         Mr Huang Huikang promised that he will try to recommend more Chinese associations in Malaysia for us, and will actively communicate with the local government to help us with difficulties we encountered here.

        In the end of the visiting, Mr Huang said: "Impression Melaka Theatre Project is the first step of China's 'impression series' to go abroad, this project carries the spirit of Zheng He's voyage 600 years ago, and will become one of the future premium projects to strengthen the communication of China and Malaysia and make the historical city Melaka gain its glory once again! 

  • Our Malaysian Employees’ First Visit to China


         “This is your first time to China? From now on I’m your Chinese friend!”

         On the morning of February 17th, 16 of our Malaysian employees took their first visit to the main office of south China branch of our company. Ten of them have been awarded as “Best 10 Expatriate Employees in 2016”.

       Malaysian staff Syela tried to share her experience and feeling of the visit in simple Chinese and gave a short speech. After that all of them went around and visit each department in the main office. Throughout the visiting, Malaysian and Chinese staffs both were very friendly and supportive to each other and communicated with each other with good manners.

         February 17th happened to be birthday of Aireen, one of the Malaysian employees. Chinese staffs in the office secretly prepared a birthday surprise for her. The sweet birthday cake, nice birthday gift, and singing of birthday song give a really impressive birthday for this beautiful girl. She said CSCEC is like a whole big family that made her feel so warm.

          As the Malaysian staffs said, this visit to south China branch office has left them deep impression. They were very grateful that the company offered the opportunity, and will continue to give their best effort to the development of company overseas business.

  • Main Structure Work of Princess Cove Project Malaysia topped off


        Princess Cove Project is located at Johor Bahru of Malaysia. The construction area of the project is 649,000㎡. There are 15 residential buildings with 4 floors of basements and 35 floors above ground. The height of each building is 123.35m.

        The Project is supposed to be handed over in 2017 and it will become the new landmark of Malaysia and Singapore.  



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