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  • Impression Melaka Theater and Ancillary Buildings determined by PTS Impression Sdn.Bhd. with us, with a contract amount of RM 220 million.



           (By Lu Yun) Recently, An MOU was signed between PTS Impression Sdn.Bhd. and us for the project of Melaka Theater and Ancillary Buildings. This project, with the main contract value of RM 220 million, is an international general contract of design integrated with construction.
            Located in Melaka, Malaysia, jointly developed by PTS Impression Sdn.Bhd.and Impression Wonders Arts Development Co., Ltd, with a total architecture area of 40000 m2, this project is now in the stage of general contract review and negotiation by the Employer and the Contractor. Impression Melaka Theater and Ancillary Buildings, as a culture industry cooperation project in China - Malaysia economic summit, is witnessed by state leaders of Malaysia and China. Once completed, it will be one of the significant events on the occasion of 40th anniversary of China –Malaysia diplomatic relations.

  • Phase 1 of Xinyi Glass (Malaysia) Manufacturing Factory Project Awarded to Us



             (By Yang Zhiquan) Recently, Phase 1 Main Contract of Xinyi Glass (Malaysia) Manufacturing Factory Project has been awarded to us, which is another brilliance achieved following the previous awarding of temporary building works of this Glass Manufacturing Project. Located in Jasin Melaka, Malaysia, with a total architecture area of 265,000 m2 and total engineering cost of RMB 350 million, Phase 1 is for 3 batches of price negotiation according to the arrangement by the Employer based on drawings issuing schedule. Currently, the first batch of price negotiation has been finalized at the amount of RMB 50 million. Commencing date is fixed at 10th September provisionally and the remaining two batches of price negotiation are estimated to be finalized in September and October. Phase 1 is steel structure plants of two glass production lines. Once completed, it will be a plant project with the biggest monomer floor area in Malaysia.

  • Our Malaysia R&F Princess Cove Project extended regards to the Muslim workers during the Eid al-Fitr holiday



           July 17th, 2015 is the Eid al-Fitr holiday-one of the biggest festival of Malaysia. The Eid al-Fitr holiday is nothing less than the Chinese Spring Festival. In order to give our best wishes to our Muslim workers from other countries, the Malaysia R&F Princess Cove Project Office had made early preparation, purchased beef, mutton, beverage, fruits etc. For 430 Muslim workers at project.
         All Muslim workers prayed in the morning at the living quarters together. The project management staff delivery all the gifts to them after the pray which obtained applause and cheer from Muslim staff. The Muslim staff shaked hands and hugged with each other deeply to express their gratitude.
          With developing of the international business and localization of workers, the construction of overseas projects of the company depends on workers of host countries and other countries very much. The company has more than 500 foreign workers at Princess Cove Project who are mainly from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc. Most of them are Muslim. They works very hard and they are backbones of the construction of the overseas projects.

  • Our Staff at R&F Princess Cove Project of Malaysia Visit Local Children Wellfare Association



         Recently, our staff at R&F Princess Cove Project visited the the local orphans of Shande Children Wellfare Association.

        Our staff on behalf of the Company donated school supplies for more than 60 children which worth Ringgit 2000 in order to facilitate their study. Our staff played some games with children. They communicated with each other through simple Engilish and body language. All of them enjoyed the happy time together.


        The activities are reported by the local <Xingzhou Journal> and <China Daily> etc. Which praised China Construction Third Bureau First Engineering Co., Ltd. as the bellwether of China Construction Industry. The Company treasured the friendship between Malaysia and China very much, has participated Malaysia’s public benefit activities for many times.澳门太阳成城集团
  • The highest building at Sirlanka is commencing



        On 6th June at 20:30, the concrete work of Avic Mixed Development Project was started. This project is the first real estate project invested by Chinese company and the highest building of Sirlanka at present.

        We were mobilized to the site on 1st of April. The completion of the concrete work for tower crane is one of the short milestone of the project.

         The project is located at Colombo 03, the total floor area is 170,000㎡ with 2 of 41 floors luxury apartments and 2 42 floors luxury apartments, 1 floor of basement parking and podium. The height of the building is 145.65m.
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