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  • Malaysia R&F Princess Cove Project—— No Stopping During Chinese New Year Festival

               When all the company, project and shops in Johor Bahru put on their festival and vacation mode, the staffs of R&F Princess Project who did not go home for New Year all stayed on position as normal. They held back the missing for their families and tried their best to keep the project right on operation, which perfectly reflected the selfless spirit of CSCEC employees of fighting for the development and honor of the corporation.
              Since the first day of Chinese lunar New Year, when all the Chinese around the world are celebrating the festival, they still kept working, without any sign of negligence. When all other projects in Johor Bahru is under temporary cessation, this project stayed right on schedule. The construction included civil engineering, MEP, pre-stressing, etc. This behavior and spirit earned highly compliments from the employer and left deep impression on local construction enterprises.
  • A Christmas Return Party Jointly Organized by AVIC International and Our ASTORIA Project Department

          (By Wangxue and Li Shuai) on the evening of 15th, December, a Christmas return party was jointly organized in Colombo Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel by AVIC International and the Colombo 3 luxury apartments project Department of Northern Branch of our Company. Over 200 people were invited to attend the party, including local government officials, BOI officials, representatives of participant units of this project, representatives of local enterprises, representatives of Chinese enterprises and potential buyers.
          On the return party, Mr. Zhuang Lizhou, Chief Representative in Lanka of AVIC International & Chairman of AVIC International Hotels Lanka Limited, and Mr. Liu Hongguang, General Manager of AVIC International Engineering (Lanka) made remarks respectively, expressed gratitude to the guests and forecasted Colombo real estate market. Mr. Zhong Yuan, General Manager of AVIC International Hotels Lanka Limited, introduced the sales situation, property management, and future plans of AVIC International Colombo luxury apartments (ASTORIA project). Zhong Yuan expressed, as the first Chinese real estate project in Sri Lanka, ASTORIA is inseparable from the support and help of Sri Lanka Chinese.
          Mr. Ding Zhaojie, Deputy Manager of our Overseas Department & Project Director of ASTORIA, as the representative of Contractor, made a speech on the party. He introduced the development process and enterprises culture of China Construction Third Engineering bureau, subsidiary of the largest construction general contracting corporation in the globe, and also made a detailed report on overall arrangement of construction deployment of ASTORIA. Mr. Shi Jun, Project Manager of ASTORIA, as the honored guest, opened lottery for the participants on the party.
          ASTORIA is the first housing project contracted by us in Sri Lanka. Through combination of two strong enterprises, once completed, the project will be a landmark of high-end luxury apartments in Sri Lanka; CSCEC will also establish its brand awareness and market acceptance in this country and lay the foundation of its further market development.
  • China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Fourth Quarter Joint Conference of 2015 for Overseas Projects & Overseas Project Site Experience Exchanging Meeting Held Successfully in Malaysia

          (By Wei Haolin) on 14th December, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Fourth Quarter Joint Conference of 2015 for Overseas Projects & Overseas Project Site Experience Exchanging Meeting was held in Malaysia. CSCEC Overseas Department Deputy General Manager Wang Lei, Third Engineering Bureau Deputy General Manager Tang Hao, General Manager Assistant Wang Liangxue, and Chief Legal Advisor & General Manager of Legal Department Cheng Haibo attended the Joint Conference in Malaysia; Yi Wenquan, General Manager of Third Engineering Bureau and Wu Hongtao, General Manager of First Construction Company of Third Engineering Bureau attend the Overseas Joint Teleconference.
          Overseas Project Site Experience Exchanging Meeting was held in the morning. Zhou Yong, General Manager Assistant of First Company Southern Branch & Malaysia Princess Cove Project Manager, reported the performance status of the Project; Huang Tao, Manager of Overseas Department of First Company, made an experience report with the title of Uniting Overall Advantages, Promoting Project Performance; Shang Hanping, Deputy General Manager of Second Construction Company, made an experience report with the title of Maintaining Strategic Customers, Developing Overseas Market; Shi Wei, Deputy Manager of Domestic Department of Third Construction Company made an experience report on Algeria Constantine Opera Project performance with the title of Adhering to External and Internal Cultivation, Building Overseas Project Boutique; Deputy Manager of Domestic Department of China State Construction Engineering Corporation Pakistan (Private) Limited made an experience report on the resource organization of Islamabad New Airport Terminal Building Project; Feng Yuan, Manager Assistant of Overseas Department of CCTEB Infrastructures Construction made a report on the construction preparation of Sri Lanka Southern Highway Extending Project; in the end, Wang Lei, Deputy General Manager of CSCEC Overseas Department, made important instructions.
          The Fourth Quarter Joint Conference of 2015 for Overseas Projects was held in the afternoon. The participant units made reports in turn on 2015 working summaries and 2016 working plans; Executive General Manager of Third Bureau Overseas Department made comments on the fourth quarter performance of each overseas project; valuable suggestions on overseas project performance and marketing were given by Third Engineering Bureau Marketing Department Deputy General Manager Wang Yanbo, Engineering Department Deputy General Manager Fu Xuejun, Auditing Department General Manager Pu Xuewei, Security Supervising Department General Manager Xiong Tao and Chief Legal Advisor & Legal Department General Manager Cheng Haibo; in the end, Yi Wenquan, General Manager of Third Engineering Bureau, made comments on the overseas project joint conference and site experience exchanging meeting, and made important instructions.
  • The concrete work of Avic Mixed Development Project was started

          On 6th June at 20:30, the concrete work of Avic Mixed Development Project was started. This project is the first real estate project invested by Chinese company and the highest building of Sirlanka at present.
            We were mobilized to the site on 1st of April. The completion of the concrete work for tower crane is one of the short milestone of the project.
           The project is located at Colombo 03, the total floor area is 170,000㎡ with 2 of 41 floors luxury apartments and 2 42 floors luxury apartments, 1 floor of basement parking and podium. The height of the building is 145.65m.
  • Malaysian R&F Princess Cove Project Breaking Through Ground Floor



          (By He Yongzhou) On 30th Oct., structure works broke through ground floor in Malaysia R&F Princess Cove Project under construction by us, marking a breakthrough progress in the construction of this project.

           The section which broke through the ground floor level, constructed purely by local labors, includes 4 levels of basement, with an architecture area of 5620 ㎡ and an average height of 3.8 m of each level.
           R&F Princess Cove Project has its unique advantage of landscape resources, with its location in the Princess Cove along the Johor Channel in the north of Johor Bahru City, while across the Johor channel is Singapore on the south and on the north of the project is the city center of Johor Bahru. This project has a total architecture area of 6.5 million㎡, among which the phase 1 is 650000 ㎡ in architecture area, including 160000 ㎡ underground and 490000 ㎡ up-ground, as a complex of 4 floors of underground garage and 15 residence buildings with 35 floors of each building. The height of the building is 123.35 m.
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