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  • We are Awarded with Agile Mont Kiara Project of Malaysia


        We are awarded with Agile Mont Kiara project at the beginning of 2017.

        The project is located right beside KLCC, invested by PJD Real Estate Company of Agile Group. The construction area is 250,000㎡, which including 4 of 44 floors towers, 2 of 18 floors towers and 5 of 8 floors apartments.

        Success winning of this bid is a good beginning at Kuala Lumpur market of the Company.

  • The Company is Awarded with the Project of DEVELOPMENT OF HOUSING UNITS IN HULHUMALE’ PHASE II

           The Company received the Letter of Award from the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure of Maldives for development of housing units in Hulhumale’ Phase II. The Company has been awarded 7000 housing units. The height of the buildings constructed will be 25 storeys. The total size of the Project is 350,000㎡.
             The contract model of the Project is Financing plus EPC. The Company received the RFP from the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure of Maldives at the beginning of October of 2015 and submitted more than 30 proposals to the Client according to the requirements of the Client within 6 months. The EPC Management Department, Overseas Department, North Branch, MEP Branch, Design Branch, Green Construction Branch, Real Estates Branch of the Company involved in the preparation of the proposals. The award of the Project showed the Comprehensive Strength of the Company in terms of Engineering, Procurement and Construction. (Liu Weigang from Overseas Department) 
  • China Construction Third Bureau Invited to Attend Melaka State Semina

               (by LU YUN) 19th March 2016, seminar between Guangdong Province and Melaka, Malaysia was hold at Zhuhai by HSBC, to jointly discuss about the further cooperation and exchange in investment, commercial trade, tourism etc. between both parties. Attendance in this seminar includes: Chief Minister of Melaka State DATUK RICHARD LEE, DATUK SERI IR HAJI IDRIS HARON),DATUK LIM BAN HONG and various firms which are dedicated in oversea market. Peng Li, Oversea Department Manager of South China Branch and on behalf of China State Construction Third Bureau, was invited to attend the seminar. 
              In the seminar, DATUK RICHARD LEE, Chief Minister of Melaka, introduced historical origin, geographic location, economy situation etc. to the investors, and elaborated strategic importance in close cooperation between China and Malaysia, integrated with the “One Belt and One Road” policy. Meanwhile, DATUK RICHARD LEE mentioned Xin Yi Glass Factory and Impression Melaka project which are under China State Construction Third Bureau. He made positive comments on contributions which China State Construction Third Bureau had made to Malaysia construction field, and wish to bring more investor from China to Malaysia.
             After the seminar, delegation from Melaka, Malaysia also interviewed Peng Li, Oversea Department Manager of South China Branch, and as for the issues related to Chinese worker permit approval, and procedure simplified which mentioned by Peng Li, the delegation agreed to attach great and constantly concern in the future work, and provide more policy support and more superior environment to investors from China.
  • Women Staffs of Malaysia R&F Princess Cove Project Celebrate International Women’s Day



              To celebrate international Women’s Day of this year, staff union of Malaysia R&F Princess Cove Project organized all the women staffs of the project out for relaxation on an island nearby.

              Presently there are 7 women staffs working for the project, among which there are 3 Malaysian muslins, 1Malaysian Chinese and 3 Chinese staffs. The staffs experienced a healthy, pleasant, warm and colorful day through this nice trip.
              This trip is to express thanks and care to all the women staffs and to create a harmonious atmosphere. During this trip, Chinese and Malaysian women staffs of the project broke the ice and built up great friendship through game, communication, sharing and relying on each other.
  • South China Branch won the binding of Microlink Nanyang Resort in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

              (correspondent Pan Jun) Recently, South China Branch of our company has won the bidding of Microlink Nanyang Resort Project in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, with an contract amount of RM 260 million ( equivalent RMB 410 million).
             As known that above awarded project is the fourth project which are under “one belt and one road” policy, while the others are R&F Princess Cove project in Johor Bahru, Impression Melaka Theater, and Xinyi Glass factory in Malaka. The Microlink project is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, with an GFA of 171,000 square meters and consist of 3 40-story towers and parts podium. After completion, it will be one of the landmark of Johor Bahru.
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